Monday, January 20, 2014

Transformers: More than Meets the Eye #25

Transformers More than Meets the Eye #25
Dark Cybertron Chapter 6: No Exit
Writer: James Roberts and John Barber
Art: James Raiz, Atilio Rojo, and Livid Ramondelli
Colors: Josh Perez and Livid Ramondelli

      We left off last issue with the Lost Light's crew unearthing the body of the titan cityformer Metroplex while undersea inside the "Rod Pod", a smaller vessel, in the shape of their fearless leader Rodimus's head. Meanwhile Minicon forces continued to besiege the vessel.
         Simultaneously, inside the dead universe, Orion Pax, Rodiums, and the rest come face to face with a not-quite dead Nightbeat, whom summarily betrayed and trapped them inside a containment cube.
       And back on Cybertron itself, Starscream and his unaffiliateds are having their own troubles, whilst the exiled Autobot and Decipticon forces are waging a war of their own upon Shockwave's stronghold to come face to face with his Necrotitan.
      Our story proper picks up just from there, with the Dinobots and Astrotrain observing as the bulk of the forces pull out of a losing battle.  The story jumps again, back to the crew of the Lost Light led by Ultra Magnus delving deeper into the mysteries of Metroplex's condition, complicated by a strange absence in his cranium.
      Back at Iacon, Starscream's burden of leadership is even further overwhelmed, as the Necrotitan's march continues. Jump back to the Dead universe team making a desperate gambit against their captor. Face to face with Nova Prime, another member of the team falls, as Nova reveals he plans to turn yet another unwilling captive into a space bridge to exit back into the universe proper. The slippery descent to the endgame is coming at high speeds, with a the Minicons also seeming pawns of Nova Prime, which spells hard times ahead for the Lost Light.

Verdict: Solid issue, however as part 6 of a story so large, pick it up in the trades.

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