Saturday, December 28, 2013

Question of the Week: Best and Worst Dressed of 2013

Question of the Week

Saturday December 28th 2013

Question:  Who Was the "Best and Worst Dressed of 2013"

Each year, television and other media discuss some sort of year in review. These usually begin right after the Christmas season and cover anything from fashion, box office and music. Sometimes, they come to us as a top 20 countdown based on some "experts" personal opinion. Other times it is the almighty dollar for the barometer of success. We here at Sector3 believe in the power of the people! Let your voice be heard, because there is no wrong answer........usually. 

Each week, Sector3 will pose a question of the week for members/readers. It will be posted to our Blog and then linked to Facebook. Your responses/opinions matter to us! 

So for our maiden voyage of discussion let's play with the idea of the most ridiculous and least important in global matters, which is, who was the best and worst dressed of 2013? The year saw many re-numberings and re-brandings. Along with that, come changes. The change often comes with a new creative team who wants to imprint their own vision for the mythos and brand. It seems that 2013 was the year for new costumes, new status quos and new #1 issues for familiar and classic titles.

So, which costume re-design for a character do you think was the best and which one was the worst for 2013? Let us know your thoughts!

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