Saturday, December 21, 2013

Superior Spider-Man #24

Superior Spider-Man #24
"Darkest Hours: Part 3 of 4"
Writers: Dan Slott, Christos Gage
Penciler: Humbero Ramos
Inker: Olazaba
Price: $3.99

Part 3 of "Darkest Hours" picks up from last issue, during which Superior Spider-Man removed the Venom symbiote from Flash Thompson and bonded with it himself. As you can imagine, Otto quickly embraces the symbiote and its power, believing himself more worthy and capable of it's mastery. Otto is eager to test the symbiote to its full and lethal potential, even after being warned by Flash. But interestingly, the symbiote recognizes something is different with it's former host and seems confused and almost upset by the unknown change. The symbiote is not the only one noticing the change in personality. It now seems that everyone is Spider-Man's life is starting to realize that the man they thought they knew is become more and more unhinged. Otto is clearly loosing his grip in maintaining Peter's relationships with friends and family. Things begin to boil to a head with several of those closest to Peter as Otto begins to more closely resemble his former self, resulting in confrontations with both May and Mary Jane.

This issue is packed with sub-plots, including Carlie Cooper's experience as she is held captive by the Green Goblin who prepares his goblin army to move against Spidey, Captain Watanabe's investigation into Spider-Man, Ana Maria and her distress over her relationship with the Parker/Jamesons, the Hobgoblin, Cardiac.....*whew* There is a lot going on in this issue! But the story doesn't suffer from that. Instead, the story flows at a fluid pace. Non of the sub-plots feel disconnected or unnecessary.  

The artwork is filled with excitement and seems to glide from panel to panel wonderfully. The extreme emotions portrayed in Ramos' artwork convey nicely and never seem over the top. Everything about the look of this book is fantastic, including the design of Superior Venom. In my opinion, Ramos art has been near flawless for a while now and is at the top of Marvel titles.

If you have enjoyed the current status quo in Superior, the current Venom title or are looking forward to the upcoming "Goblin Nation" arc, then this is for you. The arc wraps up in a double-sized next issue which will also include the Avengers. 

Rating: BUY IT

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