Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy #10

Review: Guardians of the Galaxy #10

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Kevin Maguire
Marvel $3.99 Dec. 31st 2013

The plot of this issue is pretty straightforward. Following the events of Infinity, Gamora is out hunting for Thanos and decides that Angela, who craves a hunt, should join her. They travel to a planet enslaved by the Badoon, known allies to Thanos and his forces, to liberate the slaves and track leads to the whereabouts of Thanos. 

The issue can be viewed as a stand alone tale that has ties to larger plots.It primarily focuses on the developing comradery between Gamora and Angela as they liberate the slaves, and take the badoon forces out all by themselves. Angela gets a shocking revelation involving her people and Gamora gets the intel that she set out for. However, the Guardians won't get much time for these plot threads and will be put on the shelf as the Guardians deal with the "Trial of Jean Grey" next issue.

The writing Bendis does for the interactions between the two female leads is very solid and creates an interesting dynamic within the team....They don't ask the boys permission or even inform them of their plans. The warrior women go on the mission and handle it with barely breaking a sweat. Gamora has always been her own woman and the men of the team have always respected that, but now it seems she has a feminine equal to identify with. The art is solid but nothing fantastic. It does it's job of cleanly portraying the battles and scope of the setting but doesn't wow the eyes at any moment.

In short this is one of the more fun Marvel titles out there and this issue tells a complete and interesting story as well as develop a bond between two characters all in a single issue. Bendis continues to deliver on his titles.

Rating: Buy it

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