Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Review: Guardians of the Galaxy #11.NOW

Review Guardians of the Galaxy #11.NOW

"The Trial of Jean Grey Part 1"
Written By: Brian Michael Bendis
Art By: Sara Pichelli
$3.99 January 29th 2014

The "Trial of Jean Grey" begins here! Infinity has ended and the Guardians are looking for some R&R. Last issue, Gamora and Angela had some bonding time by liberating some of the distant planet's natives who were enslaved by a Badoon army. In this issue, they continue to bond in the way that many women do...they go shopping, right before they murder someone. Peter has a bounty hunter after him, sent by his father. And Tony decides to part ways with the Guardians because he has too many other commitments. So much for rest and relaxation.

Elsewhere, the intergalactic counsel is summoned by Gladiator to inform them of the Shi'ar Empire is planning a secret operation to abduct Jean Grey from Earth and put her on trial for her crimes during her period of possession by the Phoenix. Gladiator informs the counsel as a courtesy, in respect of the "Earth is off limits" law from the King of Spartax, but lets the counsel know the Shi'ar plan on going through with it despite the law. Gladiator also concedes that, although this Jean Grey is a time traveler from the past and has not committed any crimes yet, she will be held accountable anyways.

And finally, Rocket Raccoon has intercepted Badoon communications discussing what is about to happen to Jean Grey and the Guardians jump into action to offer her assistance back on Earth......

The title continues to be very entertaining, but I will admit that the stories haven't been as interesting as they were in the first arc. The plots have been tied to events, etc. I had been longing for a Guardian's tale of cosmic adventure all their own. Last issue, was a nice stand alone treat that focused on Gamora and Angela that really highlighted some character development. But, it seems that this crossover event with the X-Men may be just what I have wished for. After reading this issue, I am hooked and all in. I am glad to see Tony leave the team because it didn't feel like a good fit and seemed rather unnecessary. Bendis does a fantastic job of capturing the personalities of the main cast and exploring the relationships of the teammates as well as the cast of villains within the counsel. All that being said, I would recommend this book on the merit of it's artwork alone. Sara Pichelli does an amazing job on character expression that blends perfectly with the dialog.

Rating: Buy it

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