Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Green Lantern Corps Annual #2

Green Lantern Annual #2:   Enemies Closer
Writer: Van Jensen / Robert Venditti
Art: Neil Edwards / Tom Derenick

What do you do when everyone in the galaxy wants you dead and your power taken from you?  You make alliances with people that you never thought you would.  With their Sector Houses being destroyed, the Green Lanterns have no haven from the storm of enemies that are confronting them on all sides.  The Khund, the Claan, and the Durlan are working together to strike at the corps while they are disorganized.  I personally am not familiar with the Durlan, a race of tentacles (for lack of a better description) that are able to shape change to any race they wish, their description I find to be not only creepy, but also very disturbing.  Building upon events that occurred in Green Lantern Corps #27, this issue picks up right after and gives a great description not of the heroes, but of the villains, and how they got to where they are now.  One personal bright spot for me is a character named Evil Star (coming from the same universe as an old Image character, Wild Star, which I found to be a great character which I hope to talk about later), and the tragic way that he gained his power.

I like that this issue takes place immediately after the last issue, where a lot of times, the Annuals are stand alone and disrupt the flow that they are building upon in the regular issues.  The art works; very kinetic and works not only as a storytelling device but really shows action well.  I am pleased with where they are going with this as the last issue really had me wanting more.  *****SPOILER WARNING*****  The only thing that did disappoint me is the fact that all of this p@@p is hitting the fan, there just happened to be a double agent planted in with the Durlans.  Really??  Apart from this little Deus Ex Machina, it was an entertaining issue.

Review: Borrow It (Unless hard core Lantern fan)

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