Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Review: Superior Spider-Man #25

Superior Spider-Man #245
Written by: Dan Slotted and Christos Gage
Art: Humberto Gage
Marvel: Jan 15th 2014 $4.99

Spoiler free so enjoy!

This title has had huge success as well as polarizing criticism/praise for the status quo change with Otto as Spider-Man. But, as the solicits have revealed in the last few days, Peter will be resurrected and regain the mantle of the Amazing Spider-Man.

This issue concludes the "Darkest Hours" story. Otto has bonded with the Venom symbiotie to become Superior Venom after removing it from Flash Thompson. Now, in this issue, Otto attacks the Hobgoblin's associates and is confronted by the Avengers. The Avengers appeal to their friend, Spider-Man,  to stand down and allow them to help him. Otto is not interested and decides it is time to sever ties with them in a chaotic and violent fashion.....going on the offensive and calling his spider bots and army to aid him to attack his former teammates. Tony is sent by Captain America away from the battle on another mission of importance that ends up being crucial for several reasons.

We also get an inside look at the goblins as they plot against Spider-Man and do recon on his island facility/ their capabilities for an all out attack. The Goblins also declare war on the Hobgoblin.

The beginning of Peter's return are seeded in this issue. Otto believes he has escaped this event with no one the wiser. He believes he has fooled everyone. We see the truth, which is that people are on to him and he has tested the limit one too many times.

Otto has been superior to Peter in his effectiveness and proactiveness, but at a cost. The cracks are beginning to show and when the cost of his reign as Spider-Man comes to its climax we can expect it to be explosive. The war against the Goblins is building. Everyone is suspicious of and outraged by this new Spider-Man including the city's citizens.

Dan Slott has weaved a masterpiece. You do not have to love the series, but you should appreciate its boldness. "Superior" has been inargueablly meaningful, exciting  and spawned many memorable plots that expanded the Spider-Man mythos.  We all knew Peter would eventually be back but it will be interesting to see if Peter adopts Otto's proactiveness in any way and how he could possibly mend the destruction Otto has caused in his personal life.

The War of the Goblins will end the title and return Peter to the mantle, but does this mean the end of Superior? Is Osborn the Green Goblin building this army? How will Peter's spirit break through and rebuild his life? Plenty of good reasons to keep reading the title.

And not to be forgotten, Ramos' art is consistent with the excellence he has been delivering the series. It really shines with his artwork on the Goblins including its newest recruit....*facepalm*  "Who?" you ask ...... Well, I promised no spoilers, so I'll end it there.

Ignore the forum's hate....this title is unforgettable and sells out each issue with good reason.

Rating: Strong Buy It

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