Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Review: Mighty Avengers #5

Review: Mighty Avengers #5
Written By: Al Ewing
Art By: Greg Land
January 22nd 2014 $3.99

Sure, there are a lot of Avengers titles out there. Some feel there may be too many. It's true of course, but this feels different then before. The great thing about this Avengers title is that it sheds a spotlight on something that has been missing in comics..... diversity. Oh I get it, you mean this is the "Black Avengers." Sure, that would be what someone might draw from it on the surface. But although there is much more racial diversity on this team, its the heroes that comprise it which makes this title stand out from the pack. It is a team without Iron Man, Wolverine, or any of the other heroes who are in 6+ more books a month. Sure, it has faces you may know of such as Superior Spider-Man, (for now) but it also has a few that you're probably much less familiar with because this is the only book on the shelf you will find them in. And guess what..... it's freaking awesome.

After Marvels Infinity event, Superior Spider-Man decided this "street-team" of Avengers was in desperate need of new leadership. Despite the fact that the teams leader, Luke Cage, has had years of experience leading an Avengers team Spidey decided for himself that Cage's leadership was ineffective and outdated. This issue resolves that debate in a very entertaining fashion. Meanwhile, we get more clues into who the new Ronin may be.....Don't worry, if the internet hasn't spoiled the reveal for you yet, we won't. And finally,Ronin  takes the rest of the team to investigate a "Death Cult" that has been interested in the Attilan ruins that crashed into the Hudson River. When they arrive, we see that Cortex Incorporated is already there and the three groups do not want to play cooperate.

The artwork was much improved for this issue despite the look of photo-reference for character's faces. The action flows through the panels and is never overworked or confused during the fight scenes.

The book has been very entertaining, but now that the team is established (we may have an official new member *wink*) and we have a plot outside of a Marvel Event, we will now see if this team will continue to entertain. With a fresh squad made up of lesser-knowns to casual fans and some great potential plot threads, it's going to be nice to follow a street level team with more personal development and character growth.

Rating: Buy it

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