Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Review: Saga #18

Review: Saga #18

Written by: Brian K. Vaughan
Art By: Fiona Staples
Image Comics
$2.99 Jan 29th 2014

Spoiler Free

No Saga until May!?!?!?!
Issue 18 ends the 3rd arc of the Saga tale. The book will be on hiatus until it returns to monthly publication in  May. The reason for this is so that the trade paperback copies (in this case the 3rd volume of 6 issues) will be released in March and allow new readers time to get caught up to the story in trade format. The wait is going to be a rough and painful time for many. This book has a large and growing cult following. The fact is, it just can't seem to stay stocked on the shelves. If, you are like me and love the book, then take the time to introduce it to someone new.

The Review
There isn't a whole lot of action in this issue except for the fight between Gwendolyn and our heroes. Most of the story is devoted in tying up the lose ends from the chaos of last issue and the 6 issue arc in general. There is a great moment and quick thinking on the part of Izabel during her confrontation with Lying Cat. Izabel truly continues to prove her worth to the group and solidifies her role in it in this issue.

All of the sub plots get covered in the pages of this issue. The sub plots aren't resolved insomuch as we have a clear opportunity for the two separate groups to go into new and independent directions from one another. Also, there is not a cliffhanger to end this issue. But, we do know that there will be a jump in time about a year or two ahead beginning in the next arc.

If you haven't read Saga or even heard about it, it has been a fantastic run so far. A new universe of diverse and dynamic characters can be right at your fingertips for a $2.99 price tag. There is no better value in comics. Saga is sweeping up awards and critical acclaim for a reason. It is that damn good. And now is a prime opportunity to get caught up or jump on board, prior to the 4th arc beginning in a few months.

Rating: Buy it for yourself and buy it for someone you love.....couldn't recommend this title more.

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