Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Review: Superior Spider-Man #26

Review: Superior Spider-Man #26
Written By: Dan Slott
Art By: Ramos, Rodriguez and Martin
$3.99 January 29th 2014

The narrative of this story is divided up into three parts with each section having a different artists and style. Before we begin reviewing the story itself, let me point out that the art switch was not confusing. It allowed the reader to switch paces between what was going on in each section. And each artist's style complimented the pace and the tone of that particular scene.

1- The first part of the narrative we can discuss is the battle between the goblins, The Green Goblin and Hobgoblin wage war on one another in glorious fashion. The artwork during this battle is simply stunning. Take the time while reading the fast paced action and just allow the artwork here to sink in. Without spoiling too much, the goblins decide that rather than wasting manpower or their minions and resources waging war, that they should face of one-on-one.....winner assuming control of both forces. There is a clear victor and some very cool clues and plot twists that develop as a result of this epic battle.

2- The second portion of the tale involves the Superior Spider-Man facing the scrutiny of the Avengers and his wiping of their computer files on him. Long story short and no big spoiler, he realizes he can no longer talk his way out of his behaviors and he quits the Avengers.

3- And lastly, but certainly not least..... building off of the momentum of last issue that had Parker fans ecstatic..... Peter is still fighting the good fight in the recesses of Otto's mind, he now realizes that he has always faced difficult odds, but that is what makes him who he is at his very core. In this section of the story, the artwork compliments the scene as it is reminiscent of the artwork of classic Spidey moments in his history. Peter is visiting in his memories. They are the memories that have not yet been erased and have managed to survive. Peter shows an indomitable will during these scenes and it shows that Slott has a masterful grasp of the character, Peter Parker.

I honestly have loved each and every issue of this title. A large part of me will be sad to see it go. Slott hasn't allowed readers to catch their breath with such a high paced and simultaneously deep narrative. He has woven forever lasting additions into the Spider-Man mythos.

Starting next month is the final arc of the least as we know it. (Still unclear how this will resolve and if we will have 2 Spider-Men or not). But, the big payoff of Slott's long-building epic is about to begin. The Superior Spider-Man, his machines and army are about to do war with the Goblins and their army...all while Peter attempts to fight back from the recesses of Otto's subconscious and reclaim his body/life.
So, come back next month because I am sure it is going to be explosive!

Rating: Buy it!

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