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Review: Captain Marvel #1

Cover to Captain Marvel issue #1
Review by Brian Howard: Captain Marvel #1
Writer: Kelly Sue Deconnick
Artist: David Lopez
MARVEL March 12th 2014

Thoughts, fears and expectations
All-New Marvel NOW re-launched Carol Danvers into a new volume today with Captain Marvel #1. Carol has cultivated a pretty devoted group of hard-core devotees.... regardless if the title read Ms. Marvel or Captain Marvel. Her legions of fans refer to themselves as the Carol Corps, dress in her cosplay and continue to promote the strong and independent feminine role-model that the character has come to embody for the comics medium. So, when re-launched, of course there will be many who worry about the future and direction of the character and her legacy.

Recently, another character named Kamala Khan took up the mantel of Ms. Marvel. This young and socially awkward teen  had pretty big boots to fill with fans. The fact that the new Ms. Marvel was going to be Muslim caused some controversy but fans seemed welcome this new character into the mythos and legacy that the original Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers, had established. Review for issue #1 of the new Ms. Marvel here...Ms. Marvel #1

So where do you go with Captain Marvel from here on out? According to Marvel you go "higher, further, faster and more." Those are some bold words. Personally, it is no secret that this character is fondly loved by those in my family. You might think that would make me biased in my review. On the contrary though, it only meant that I came from a perspective of high-anticipation as well as expectations. But the question is, were they met?

...and the verdict is

Issue #1 does seem to deliver on Marvel's promise. This is a clear jumping on point for those who are completely unfamiliar with the character.  But thankfully, it does not disregarding the history of the character. All of the major supporting cast members of the previous volume are included here in a way that defines the relationships their with our hero while also highlighting what it is that makes such a powerful woman completely relatable and endearing.

Carol at the helm of a new team
Carol has apparently been fostering a hidden romance with another of Marvels finest heroes. That persons identity is revealed in this issue. There isn't much discussion on how or where their courtship began. But, it is made very clear that Carol is at a cross-roads in her life and she is in desperate need to rediscover herself.

This inner-search is the catalyst for the future scope of the title. Captain Marvel will be heading her own squad of galactic Avengers throughout the cosmos with allies gained during the Infinity event. During the event, aliens and their home-worlds swore allegiance to the Avengers, following their allied defeat of the Builders. These aliens will live up to the oath that this is an Avenger's universe and will see to its protection by filling out the ranks of Carols new team.

The dialog and pace of the story carry this issue with an elegant flow for the reader. The art by Lopez is good enough. The strength of the art is that it does well to convey emotions and personality but is not breathtaking or memorable in any way. The alien landscapes are weak and boring. In fact, it seemed that all of the backgrounds and settings were done with little to no detail, which really was my only cause of concern. I mean this is a title that is being established to become a cosmic adventure right? How about something visually memorable or at the very least interesting to readers!

Hopefully the art, specifically the scope and detail of the environs improves to match the wonderful story that has begun to unfold. Because if it does, the ranks of the Carol Corps will continue to swell and Marvel will have no excuse any longer about bringing Captain Marvel to the big screen.....where she belongs.

Rating: Buy it

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