Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Review: Superior Spider-Man #30

Review of Superior Spider-Man #30 
"Goblin War" part 4
Written by: Dan Slott
Art by: Giuseppe Camuncoli
Marvel March 26th 2014

For those of you who boycotted Superior......
I will preface this by saying that-
If you are still critical of this title, while refusing to read it with a boycotting until "your" Spider-Man (Peter Parker) is back, you are an ass. This title is fantastic and each issue has been a bullet coming out of the gun. It is not a difference of opinion.....unless you actually have read the book.

Slott has woven a tale which has expanded the supporting cast of characters, created interesting subplots and tying those deeper into the history of the spider mythos with precision. He has done all that while creating a main arc that will be forever talked about for better or worse.

So, to reiterate my point for those who have not gotten the message. Do not judge something you freely admit you have not experienced. The end of this fantastic tale is nearing and you officially have your Spider-Man back. It will be your loss in the end, however, if you do not go and fully experience for yourself what fully led Peter back in the end.

This issues quick review
I will not spoil the ending to this issue.......I will say that I cheered out loud during this issue. There is a  huge payoff detailing how and why Peter is coming back. Peter is not coming back due to some lame ex machina..... Peter is coming back and there is no better way for it to happen in my opinion. The story continues several exciting plot threads and a new cliffhanger mystery is introduced. The art has been drastically improved over the last two issues and it compliments the pace and action of this issue very will.


No, seriously, for the same price as a regular issue you also get Black Widow #1 within the pages, so don't be fooled if you think that this is a giant-sized issue of Superior Spider-Man. But for the same cover price as a typical issue...who is to complain?!

Rating: Buy It


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