Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Musings on "The Rock".

It has been revealed, by "The Rock" himself, that he has had a sit down meeting with the powers that be at DC about some upcoming work.  Nothing was actually said as to what said work was going to be.  My thought process went through some ideas and then one jumped out that made complete sense...

.....Amazo.  This is a character that could make a great villain in the often mentioned Justice League movie they tell us WILL be coming out.  For those of you not sure who this is, Amazo is a construct made by a Professor Ivo (Those watching Arrow will notice the Professor Ivo is pretty relevant right now, and did anyone notice his ship's name, yep, AMAZO).  This creation had all of the powers of the Justice League.  How amazing of a movie would this be.  One villain that has all of the powers of the big hitters of the DC Universe.  All of the members would be facing off against themselves, personally, I feel that would be better than another Lex Luthor Real Estate plan.  I know that they have recently announced Bryan Cranston as playing Lex Luthor in the Batman / Superman movie coming out, so have Professor Ivo as one of his countless scientists trying to figure a way to get rid of Superman and the gang.

If you really look at the character as well, you could see The Rock playing this character very well.  He has the look, and can definitely look intimidating as well.  That is my two cents.  Now, what do you think is going to be the outcome of The Rock and his meeting with DC?  Let us know here.

- Great Scott

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