Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Did you get your invitation yet?

In typical end-of-year promotion, Marvel Comics is promoting an upcoming wedding by giving all of us, the prospective guests, a puzzle.  Granted, the pieces are taking a while to get here, but it looks like a big deal with the characters shown.

If we break this down, let's see what we have.First off, DEVIL DINOSAUR AND MOON BOY, WHAT??  Right off the bat, this seems to be a big character if they are starting off the puzzle with a long time character like this.  Next we see all of Alpha flight, so we know it is an international event.  The Asgardians are looking quite regal in their salute to who we assume is getting married.

Looking around, we see a lot of Avengers and X-Men throughout.  I personally feel bad for Stingray, Silver Surfer really had to photobomb right in front of his face, REALLY??  The other character I find interesting being in there is Forbush Man.  You know it is going to be important if he is there.

So what are your thoughts.  Give us a shout and let us know who you think it is.  And do you think this is a good idea as far as a promotion.  And where can we buy the puzzle after it is complete.

- Great Scott!

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